Recover lost logical volumes

It is a very critical situation for a computer user when any logical volume of his/her Linux hard drive has been deleted. All data stored on particular volume will be deleted. But data are still recoverable with the help of Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery Software.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery Softwareis remarkable data recovery software that helps all Linux users who are facing data loss problem. The software helps in recovering lost data and logical volumes.

The software provides rich user interface with extended searching options. You can also save the recovered data to any external or removable storage media. You can recover data very easily with this software without any prior technical knowledge by following these steps:


Different Recovery Options :

The varied recovery options (Quick Recovery, Advance Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, and Search Lost Volume) available at the welcome screen provide you different options to scan and recover data from storage device.


Different Recovery Options


Resume Recovery Feature :

The feature enables you to select previously saved image file to resume recovery from last saved recovery point.


Resume Recovery Feature


Drive Image Options :

The two drive image options-Create Image and Clone Disk-allow you to create a disk image or replica of your hard drive. The two options are helpful in recovery process when your hard develops bad sectors.


Drive Image Options


Hard Drive/Volume Recovery :

The option allows you to locate and recover lost, missing, deleted, or formatted Linux volumes.


Hard Drive/Volume Recovery


Drive Status :

The feature provides information about the health of your hard drive.


Drive Status


Recoverable File Preview :

The file preview for all the recoverable files enables you to recover all or selective files.


Recoverable File Preview


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